About Us

Dr. Sara Maiden, DACM, LAc

After graduating with a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I volunteered for two months, running a rural health clinic in tribal Nepal, seeing over 600 patients. This experience gave me advanced training in treating orthopedic issues, a better grasp of both Eastern and Western differential diagnosis, and a healthy respect for the efficacy of frequent acupuncture treatments. I enjoy treating both the urgency of third world disease as well as the difficulty of first world issues. I have a depth of experience treating everything from ear infections to assessing concussions to ordinary back pain. The scope of acupuncture is wide and effective for many conditions. 

I feel strongly that the energy medicine of acupuncture can move qi, invigorate the body, and shift perspective in ways that we do not fully comprehend. In addition, the Chinese apothecary is a time tested tool for many health conditions. 

I completed the year long Whitfiled Reaves Apprenticieship program in Acupuncture Sports Medicine for orthodpedic issues and pain. Also, my background of ten years of massage therapy gives me unique perception with my palpation skills, while my year working as a Certified Nurse Aide in a hospital gives me greater diagnostic skills and a basic familiarity with varying disease presentations. 

Also, I completed a 600 hour training in coaching for addiction and pyschedelic integration. This training and ongoing classes in listening skills and habit change have been crucial in developing my empathy and understanding of the challenges my patients face. I am currently in a two year Hakomi counseling mindfulness training and will offer sessions upon completion.

With the added benefits of infrared light, cupping, and Chinese herbs, acupuncture is truly a unique energy medicine of great depth and scope. 

I  look forward to meeting you in the clinic.