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About Dr. Sarah Maiden, DACM, LAc

After graduating with a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I volunteered for two months, running a rural health clinic in tribal Nepal, seeing over 600 patients. This experience gave me advanced training in treating orthopedic issues, a better grasp of both Eastern and Western differential diagnosis, and a healthy respect for the efficacy of frequent acupuncture treatments. I enjoy treating both the urgency of third world disease as well as the difficulty of first world issues. I have a depth of experience treating everything from ear infections to assessing concussions to ordinary back pain. The scope of acupuncture is wide and effective for many conditions.

I feel strongly that the energy medicine of acupuncture can move qi, invigorate the body, and shift perspective in ways that we do not fully comprehend. In addition, the Chinese apothecary is a time tested tool for many health conditions.


I offer discounted package deals for 5 & 10 treatments. I find that acupuncture is most effective after at least 5 weekly treatments.

Alchemy Acupuncture Services


I have a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Acupuncture Facials

Acupuncture facials are renowned tools for achieving youthful, glowing skin.

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Cupping and Herbal Medicine

I also offer private combination acupuncture, massage, and cupping treatments.

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  Sarah has been doing Acu Facials on me (Have done 3 so far)
I am amazed by how much my furrow lines have smoothed out. The one btwn my brows had gotten so bad it was there even when I wasnt making the frustrated concerned face.

The sessions are very relaxing, she had a heat pack for my back, beautiful music, comfortable bed with calming lights + she used an LED light with the needles!

She also used tuning forks, the sound/light therapy was total bliss.

Shes also helping me with sleep and recommended some Chinese herbs. So far I am waking up less!

Thank you Sarah!

thumb Jena L.

  I've had three treatments with Sarah so far for my chronic back pain. I have tried acupuncture in the past but have not seem instant results like I have with her treatments. I am so thankful for being referred to her! I look forward to each weeks appointments

She also recommended great Chinese herbs to assist with anxiety. Overall I have been loving each session and have told co workers and friends about her! Highly recommend.

thumb Annie C.

  I'm grateful to have been a patient at Alchemy Acupuncture for the last couple years. Sarah is personable, friendly, and very attuned to what my body might be needing. In particular, I benefit a lot from her craniosacral/energy work, in combination with acupuncture. She's helped me with joint instability around an old shoulder injury, as well as supporting a deep psychoemotional healing process. I've been receiving weekly or biweekly sessions for a while, and have felt big shifts in my energy and internal sense of energetic balance through her treatments. I'm glad to be able to endorse and recommend Alchemy Acupuncture without hesitation or reservation.

thumb Michael H.

Conditions I Treat


Acupuncture is renowned for its effectiveness in managing various types of pain, including chronic pain conditions. By stimulating specific acupuncture points, it triggers the release of endorphins and activates the body’s natural pain-relieving mechanisms. This can be particularly beneficial for conditions like arthritis, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Acupuncture helps alleviate pain by:

  • Enhancing circulation to promote tissue healing.
  • Reducing inflammation and swelling.
  • Modulating pain perception in the brain.

Acupuncture is commonly used to support fertility and reproductive health by:

  • Regulating menstrual cycles and hormone levels.
  • Improving blood flow to the reproductive organs.
  • Reducing stress, which can impact fertility.
  • Enhancing the overall health of the reproductive system.

Acupuncture aids in injury recovery by promoting blood flow, reducing inflammation, and accelerating the body’s natural healing processes. It can be applied to sports injuries, strains, sprains, and even post-surgical recovery. The benefits include:

  • Reducing swelling and bruising.
  • Relaxing muscles and reducing tension.
  • Stimulating the body’s regenerative capacity.

Acupuncture offers a holistic approach to addressing insomnia by regulating the body’s internal balance. It can help improve sleep quality and duration by:

  • Calming the nervous system.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Balancing hormonal fluctuations that affect sleep.

Acupuncture has a positive impact on mood by influencing neurotransmitters and hormonal balance. It can be used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and mood swings by:

  • Promoting the release of “feel-good” neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.
  • Reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone).
  • Balancing the body’s energy flow to promote emotional well-being.
GI Distress

Acupuncture can help address gastrointestinal issues by regulating digestive function and promoting overall gut health. It is often used to manage symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, and nausea by:

  • Regulating digestive motility.
  • Reducing inflammation in the digestive tract.
  • Easing stress-related digestive disturbances.

Acupuncture is well-known for its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It achieves this by:

  • Activating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response).
  • Modulating stress hormones.
  • Releasing tension in muscles and promoting a sense of calm.

Acupuncture can be an effective complementary treatment for sciatica, a condition characterized by radiating leg pain. It helps by:

  • Reducing inflammation and pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Relaxing muscles that may contribute to nerve compression.
  • Enhancing blood flow to the affected area for healing.

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Alchemy Acupuncture has two locations, so no matter which side of the Bay you are on, acupuncture is convenient! I am available at the Healing Arts Building at 1801 Bush Street in San Francisco all day Monday and Tuesday plus mornings on Friday and in Emeryville Wednesday.

San Francisco

Healing Arts Building
1801 Bush St, Suite 107
San Francisco, CA 94109

Mon – 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Tue – 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Fri – 9:00 am – 2:00 pm


1331 61st St STE G
Emeryville, CA 94608

Wednesday – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm